Villa Gillaumette

B&B, gîte and safaritents



We would like to introduce you to our B&B concept. Below is a brief description, but we can of course tell you many more things on the spot.

B&B = Bed & Breakfast, because yes you can sleep and have breakfast here.

Experience & Discover: experience and discover the beautiful view from both rooms, nature, tranquility, silence and the river, these are just a few things that can be done directly from home.

Reflection & Slow down: are you facing difficult choices in the future? Then this is the perfect place to completely relax, that is possible in the garden, our forest, on the river side, during a walk, at one of the many lakes and so on. Relaxing creates space for reflection, making difficult choices easier. Your head becomes completely empty for a moment.

Books & Relax: we have a large number of books in the house, which you can read during your stay if you wish. My own experience is that I relax reading books. Who knows, that may also apply to you, the great thing is that you don't necessarily have to drag them home, but simply take them from the shelf.

Visits & Explore: You can visit beautiful villages, flea markets, cities (Clermont-Ferrand, Montluçon or Vichy), but also the volcanoes. Geo-coaching is also possible in our environment, explore the environment with a canoe (on the water you imagine yourself in a completely different world), on a horse, a donkey ride, on a bike, on a motorcycle or by car.